Spring into Cloud-Native Data Protection_FINAL


Spring's the perfect time to build an immutable data protection and recovery plan for your containerized applications.

Join this session with Trilio to strengthen your knowledge on: 

 - Traditional versus cloud-native approaches to protecting Kubernetes and        OpenStack environments
- Stateful versus Stateless Applications
- Restoring and migrating Kubernetes apps, clusters and namespaces across K8s distributions and multi-cloud deployments

First 50 confirmed attendees will receive a link post-event to choose a gift from one of the following: wireless headphones, smart bracelet, wireless charger or earphones.
Must be present for duration of event. Must be a resident of the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Qatar, Estonia or Lithuania.